T H E  E D G E  O F  D R E A M I N G

Professor Mark Solms

Professor Mark Solms is a neuropsychologist and a psychoanalyst. He is best known for his pioneering research into the brain mechanisms of dreaming. He has won many scientific and scholarly awards, namely the International Psychiatrist award of the American Psychiatric Association, the George Sarton Medal of the Reiksuniversiteit Gent, and the President's Award of the National Research Foundation.

"It's well established the first awareness people can   have that there's something the matter with a particular part of their bodies can come to them in a dream. Dieing is a very extreme physiological event and as it's about to happen you would pick up something really extraordinary is going on. These things are registered,   they matter to us, we push them out of mind, either because we don't want to think about them or because we don't realise how much they matter with our frontal lobe driven preoccupations during waking life. Frontal lobes go offline at night, the feelings come to the fore, and things that we subliminally know or things that we unconsciously know and don't want to know, we know in our dreams."  London 2008