T H E  E D G E  O F  D R E A M I N G

Claudia Goncalves

Claudia Goncalves came for Brazil to work in Edinburgh, setting up the Shamanic centre with her partner Mark Halliday. A mother of two children age 10 and 13 yrs old, Claudia is also passionate about working with young people. She was a catalyst in supporting Youth Vision Project.

"When there is a change or shift in consciousness, time and space, matter and mind, body and soul take on different characteristics. Anyone has the ability to shift consciousness, move beyond the physical world and access parallel worlds. Native people and shamans have known this truth and worked this way for thousands of years benefiting their community. Consciousness, not matter, is the fundamental reality of the universe. Consciousness determines the manifestation of a reality thus the importance of making conscious choices in our world today and the brain-mind are one of the vehicles for those conscious choices."